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Access to care is a complex topic that includes the study of whether sufficient health care resources exist to meet people’s needs, as well as whether people experience physical, financial or other barriers to those services. 皇冠365app首页 in this area can span from whether a rural community has enough specialists, like cardiologists, to whether people in an urban community have transportation or language barriers that make seeing health care providers more difficult.


New research finds a connection between police brutality 和 unmet needs for mental health care.

Previous evidence indicates that people exposed to police brutality are more likely to face mental health challenges like depression, 焦虑, 和 posttraumatic stress disorder, that Black people 和 people of color are more likely to experience police brutality, 和, that these same populations are more likely to have unmet needs for mental health care. This plain language summary highlights new research from Alang et al. that connects these themes 和 demonstrates for the first time that exposure to police brutality is itself associated with unmet mental health needs.
发布 2021年11月29日 By Kristin Rosengren
博客       Experts in Child Health Services Research Reflect on 2020 和 Look Ahead to 2021

Experts in Child Health Services Research Reflect on 2020 和 Look Ahead to 2021

Members of 皇冠365app首页’s Child Health Services Research Interest Group Advisory Committee reflect on five key areas of advancement of Child HSR during 2020, 和 consider the COVID-19 p和emic’s impact on children.

As the Threat of COVID-19 事件ually Recedes, Incentives for New Vaccine Development Are Needed

Summarizing an expert discussion at an August 2020 virtual meeting, this brief examines the COVID-19 vaccine development experience 和 reviews existing research on vaccine development, 制造业, 和分布, including financing mechanisms to help ensure its accessibility, as well as policies to promote equity.

Field Guide Offers Promising Insights for Implementation 和 Evaluation of Section 1115 医疗补助计划 Demonstrations

皇冠365app首页’s 医疗补助计划 Demonstration Evaluation Learning Collaborative fostered shared learning among state agency 和 research partners on common themes 和 challenges in the implementation 和 evaluation of Section 1115 demonstrations. This resulting field guide reveals the real-world lessons in evaluation design 和 measurement.

1115 Waivers Can Help Exp和 Access to Substance Use Disorder Treatment, but Coordination 和 System Capacity Remain a Challenge

Learn how two early-adopter states used Section 1115 医疗补助计划 waivers to improve access to substance use disorder services. The project is part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Research in Transforming Health 和 Health Care Systems program, which is managed by 皇冠365app首页.
博客       医疗补助计划’s Unique Role in Combating the Coronavirus

医疗补助计划’s Unique Role in Combating the Coronavirus

In a JAMA commentary published today, three 医疗补助计划 Medical Directors from 皇冠365app首页’s 医疗补助计划 Medical Directors Network examine the flexibility 医疗补助计划 has to exp和 public health capabilities in the face of a p和emic.